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How Neuropathy Affects Your Health

Most people are familiar with diabetic neuropathy, but really do not have much more information. People interpret abnormal sensation in extremities as neuropathy, which may not always be the case.
Oct 3rd, 2019

Do Seizures Affect Your Health???

Epilepsy affects about 3.4 million people in this country. This is abnormal activity in the brain, which can be focal or diffuse. It takes two or more unprovoked seizures or a certain pattern of presentation, to define epilepsy.
Sep 11th, 2020
Man having stroke

How Does Stroke Affect Your Health

Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death currently and like Heart attacks is a preventable disease. Factually, 80% of strokes are preventable. The good news is that now strokes can be reversed, just like Heart Attacks provided patients make it to the right
Feb 14th, 2020
Girl having migraine

Say Goodbye to Migraine Headaches

There are different kinds of headaches, and migraines are a common type. These can be debilitating and frequent. Comorbidity associated with headaches can be limiting and prevent people from being optimally productive.
Nov 19th, 2019