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How Neuropathy Affects Your Health


The most common physical symptoms of neuropathy do include numbness, tingling, or other abnormal sensations in the feet and hands with weakness in the same distribution. Many variations exist, however, and must be assessed correctly by a neurologist or neuromuscular disease expert, particularly if the presentation is not typical.

There is always a “cause” of neuropathy, which can be determined with blood tests and other examinations, but sometimes this may not be the case at the time of the initial visit. In fact, a major number of these neuropathies without an immediately obvious cause at initial presentation are due to diabetes to come.

Find out what to expect and how to manage neuropathy with strategies for prevention and treatment.

What are the effects of neuropathy on my health?

The common signs of neuropathy can be disruptive and affect our lives. Many times, the symptoms are worse in sleep and can cause insomnia. There can be progressive weakness, which can lead to falls, dropping things and a general inability to perform activities of daily living. Some of these symptoms can be misdiagnosed as Restless Leg Syndrome.

Let Dr. Gupta know right away if you begin experiencing changes as listed above.

What can my doctor do about neuropathy?

If you’re exhibiting any of the above symptoms, Dr. Gupta may suggest treatment in the form of:

What can I do about neuropathy?

Taking care of your health and physical exercise are important regardless of your age. Today’s lifestyle incorporates a significant amount of electronic device usage, which independently is detrimental to our neuromuscular wellbeing.

It is important to pay attention to practicing good posture. Non-ergonomically designed office spaces can make underlying conditions worse. It is imperative that you seek medical attention at the earliest much like anything else in medicine since the condition may be treatable and we stand a better chance if this is addressed in the early stages.

Other recommended lifestyle interventions include:

Dr. Gupta may also prescribe medications to work in tandem with your efforts. 

With the right care and treatment, you can manage your symptoms and enjoy this new stage in your life. If you begin to notice symptoms of neuropathy and are ready to talk about it, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gupta.

Dr. Devanshi Gupta Dr. Devanshi Gupta, MD, FAAN, FAANEM Dr. Devanshi Gupta, MD, FAAN, FAANEM, of North Texas Neurology & Neuropathy in Allen, Texas has been recognized for her contribution to the medical field. As an expert in the disciplines of neurology, neuromuscular disease, clinical neurophysiology and electrodiagnostic medicine, Dr. Gupta has been recognized several times as one of America’s top physicians by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, and she has received additional accolades for her outstanding service, compassion, and exceptional patient care.

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